ZSCKR in Goladkowo is active not only in Poland, but also abroad.  Our school’s transnational action is interschool cooperation which allows our students and graduates to broaden their knowledge, gain new experience as well as develop skills, both professional and language ones. International cooperation also means gaining knowledge of history, culture and traditions of other countries. It is also sharing such knowledge of our country with others.

In this field our school may boast with participation in several EU projects. These projects allow not only to develop the school but also allow to proceed actions thanks to which we can propagate and promote knowledge of ecology, modern techniques of energy generation, organic solutions used in breeding and plant cultivation. They also give us the opportunity to educate students (and not only students) in additional subjects, e.g. traditional orchards.

We try to reach as big group of persons interested to make use of our educational opportunities as possible. We direct our offer to private entities (farmers) as well as institutions, organisations, companies.

School in Golądkowo is planning to enhance the contacts and start cooperation with schools in another countries. We are also going to take part in another EU projects.

Thanks to all these actions ZSCKR in Goladkowo is well-known not only in Poland but also beyond the borders of our country.