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Climate needs farmers


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Farming as a source of basic foods constitutes essential sector of economy, but its impact on the environment and nature is equally important.

Farming is one of main reasons for climate change, it is also the one that suffers from climate change most and at the same time it is one of the greatest tools to mitigate the change.

During two years, project partners are going to meet, exchange experience on different farming methods and systems used in their countries, and work on creating indispensable and necessary educational tools for agricultural schools which will respond to the challenge that farming of XXI century is facing.

Apart from the cooperation network, the project result will be a basic guide concerning climate change and farming, promotional leaflet concerning the idea of the project, data base of organic agricultural schools in Europe, dictionary (English + partners’ languages) of technical terms connected with the project.




Project’s website

ESTO is the project that aims to train specialists in traditional orchards with a European certificate. Therefore, the project partners are working on the implementation of guidelines of ECVET, grading point system for vocational training in all the EU Member States.

School in Goladkowo, one of the 12 institutions of the ESTO partner countries, as the first such organisation in Poland will organise and implement a pilot course which is a prelude to further action in the field of educating specialists in traditional orchards.

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