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Visit of the students from the agricultural school in Brie, France (3-9 November 2013)

The ZSCKR in Golądkowo hosted the students and teachers from the agricultural school in Brie, France, from 3rd to 9th November. The group consisted of 13 students and 2 teachers (Didina Bejan – animal breeding subjects teacher and Miechel Dreano – public relations teacher).

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French guests were welcomed with an official dinner. During their stay in Poland, they had a lot of opportunities to get familiarized with Polish culture and history through numerous meetings, trips and study tours. Some integration events were also held. They affected development of cooperation between our countries significantly.

On the School Patron ‘s Day our French guests got to know the history of ZSCKR. During the celebration French students presented their school, its profiles as well as French educational system. Our guests visited Bazylika church and Dom Polonii in Pułtusk, went to the Ekologiczne Gospodarstwo Towarowe in Ciski, where they also tried some organic products. During the trip to Warsaw they learnt some of the Polish history by visiting the Royal Castle and Royal Baths Park.

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The students found a trip to the Krajowe Centrum Edukacji Rolniczej (National Centre for Agricultural Education) in Radom very interesting. It gave them the opportunity to find out about the practical side of agricultural education. Among additional attractions were a France-Poland football match, bonfire, disco and karaoke.

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The last day was called the International Day of Cooking Traditional Dishes. Gastronomic subjects teachers organized culinary workshops during which Polish and French students prepared regional dishes. At the end of the day an official dinner for the school staff and French guests took place. Everyone had a chance to try Polish and French cuisine.
It was a very fruitful visit that will enable the student exchange next year.


The Organic Agricultural College of Denmark

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Organic farming methods constitute the scope of the school’s activity. Cooperation with Danish school gives our students the opportunity to study and practice. Knowledge, experience, improvement of English language and money in the form of a scholarship are all the benefits that can be gained.

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Photovoltaic stations in Dresden were part of the training on using modern solutions – renewable energy sources. German specialists advised and trained Polish participants interested in installing solar collectors in their companies, institutions and schools.

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Sogn Jord-og Hagebruksskule (Aurland)

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School of organic farming. It focuses on combining modern methods with solutions from traditional agriculture in a manner that the quality of the products of crops and breeding meets the highest standards of environmental quality.

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The basis of excellent contact between school in Goladkowo and school in Browary is cooperation within broadening knowledge of history, culture and socio-political system of European countries. It is also participation in pro-environmental projects, promoting the use of natural energy sources and participation in conferences, symposia and trainings concerning this subject.

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