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Another meeting of the partner countries of the Climate Needs Farmers project (Leonardo da Vinci programme) took place from 7-10 May 2014. ZSCKR in Golądkowo is the coordinator of the project. This time, the hosting country was Hungary, where partners from France, Germany, Austria, Turkey and Poland.

Katarzyna Dąbkowska, Adam Kostuń, Aleksandra Jałmużna, Sebastian Bartkowski, Natalia Kulesza, Paweł Bonisławski (students of ZSCKR), Marek Grochowski (driving instructor) and Tomasz Antczak (international cooperation coordinator and social studies teacher) also attended the visit to Tokaj as the part of the eco project.

Here are some of the students’ impressions after the trip:
Adam Kostuń: ‘I really liked the trip to Hungary. I had a chance to get to know Hungarian culture, I developed my English skills and I could also talk to foreigners. I learned a lot of new vocabulary that will help me with further language studies’.
Paweł Bonisławski: ‘Trip to Hungary brought a lot of changes to my life, among others the ability to use English language, meet people from other countries, it also enabled learning new culture, the cultivation of grapes and processing them into wine as well as goats breeding and cheese production. Most of all, I could see the beauty of Hungarian landscape’.

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