Folk group

Cultural pride of the Group of Schools in Golądkowo is the ‘Golądkowo” Folk Group which existed as early as in the beginning of the 1960s. Zofia Wrzeszcz (accounting teacher) was the teacher of the first memebrs of the group. Another group’s artisitic director was Witold Jarmul and Henryk Śliwiński (Polish language teacher) was the caretaker.

zpit1zpit2zpit3zpit4Bonifacy Kozłowski became the artistic director and the choreographer of the group in 1979. ‘Golądkowo’ was famous for its shows not only in the borders of the country but also beyond them. Its shows honoured many significant events organised on different levels. The group presented its programs in Polskie Radio (Polish Radio) and performer live in Telewizja Polska (Polish Television).


The group presents authentic folklore of the Puszcza Biała Region. Its artisitic repertoire includes also songs and dances from the Mazowsze Północne region and Kurpiowska Puszcza Zielona region (Fafur, Olender, Stara Baba, Konik, Oberek, etc.).


From September 2009 until April 2010 Aneta Nowacka was the group leader, while Katarzyna Łebkowska (Polish language teacher) was the caretaker. During that period the folk outfits were renewed.

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The group performed on many school events as well as events taking place elsewhere. During the National Folk Bands Festivalin Polonia House in Pułtusk the group won the fourth prize and the second prize during Artistic Bands Festival in Poświętne.

Nowadays Magdalena Stepniewska together with Monika Zielińska-Nowak are the caretakers. The group choreographers are Justyna Godlewska and Sylwester Chojnacki.

Performance of ‘Golądkowo’ Folk Group on Patron’s Day in 2013